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Military Hero Giveaway Nominee - Annie Patterson

Annie Patterson of Ahwatukee was inspired to follow in the footsteps of her brother, father, and grandfather who served our country proudly. Her grandfather came to the country as a young boy from Italy and served in the Navy. Her father, a first generation American, joined the Marines. When Annie’s older brother joined the Marines after graduating high school, it made a huge impression on her.

Annie’s brother was a few years older than her and she looked up to him. She admired his honor, loyalty, and integrity. On the day he joined the military, she knew in her heart she would also serve.

Annie served in the Army and National Guard for 15 years as a combat medic, orthopedic specialist, and hospital administrator. Her work took her around the globe to Germany and Saudi Arabia during Operation Desert Storm, as well as across the country to Washington, Florida, and Arizona. Today, Annie lives with PTSD, but continues to serve her country and community by working with Veterans on their path to healing. She helps those with trauma, mentors women warriors, and volunteers at Abilty360 Sports and Fitness Center.

But the most important people in Annie’s life are her teenage sons. Together they enjoy activities like hiking, camping, bicycling, kayaking, and training for triathlons. For the past 12 years, Annie has volunteered at their school cafeterias so she can see them at lunch. She says it warms her heart to have this small connection with her teenage boys as they turn into young adults. Both her sons say they plan to carry on the family tradition by joining the military.

It is no doubt that Annie Peterson of Ahwatukee, Arizona served and continues to serve her country and its residents honorably.

Help Annie become the 2020 Forrest Anderson Military Hero Giveaway winner by voting for her. Click here to vote.

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