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How House Pressure Regulators Can Help with Gardening

House pressure regulators can be a great solution for your gardening needs. They control the output of water to your desired levels, making the gardening work proceed efficiently. This article will give you tips on how you can use a pressure regulator to help with gardening.

Drip Irrigation

House pressure regulators are great for controlling the flow of water during drip irrigation.

You can position the regulator right after valves or shut off points to supply the correct flow of water to the soil and plants. Positioning them in this manner also prevents damage from the constant flow of water for long periods of time.

Your drip emitters will also be secured from popping out as a result of using pressure regulators (too much water hitting the emitters over a long period of time normally causes them to pop out and require replacement).


Sprinklers are another popular solution for gardening. Installing a house pressure regulator to your sprinklers can help you correctly water your plants and minimize on wastage. Most sprinklers operate at a certain pressure level and regulators allow you to constantly provide that pressure. In fact, incoming pressure levels from the water source are often too high for most sprinklers, making pressure regulators critical.

Determining Water Pressure of your Inlet Supply

A house pressure regulator can help you indirectly identify what your inlet water pressure is. But how so? First off, if you need to acquire a regulator with high-pressure specifications (often over 30 psi) in order to achieve the flow rate that you desire, then your inlet pressure is most likely pretty high.

Determining the water pressure of your supply is important for purchasing the correct type of hose, sprinklers, and even determining what types of plants that you will grow. High inlet pressure will require tough hosing and resistant sprinklers (despite the functioning of the pressure regulator).


House pressure regulators allow you to do your gardening work even at long distances from the water supply. Because you can maintain the flow of water at the pressure that you desire, you can have your inlet supply coming in from near or far with few consequences for your plants. Therefore, regulators give you the flexibility of laying out your garden without the limitations of the native pressure coming from the water source.

Durable Solution

House pressure regulators are highly durable. They are made of tough plastic and metal, making sure that your gardening requirements run smoothly. Once you purchase one, you can be sure that it will serve you for a long time.

Questions about House Pressure Regulators?

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