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Fall HVAC Maintenance Tips

Living in the Phoenix valley you know that the weather can be vastly different from day to day and even from hour to hour during the Fall Season.

Mornings could be nice and cool and then all the sudden it feels like summer is back in just a few hours.

With these constant weather changing variables, regular HVAC maintenance in the fall is vital to ensure your AC system is running properly. To make sure that you get the most from your heating and cooling system, remember to perform these tasks this autumn. Scheduled early maintenance can also help aid your unit during the winter months. We also recommend that you have an HVAC Forrest Anderson professional clean and service your system annually.

Forrest Anderson understands that the best way to deal with a problem is to keep it from becoming a problem in the first place. That’s why we offer the Forrest Anderson Comfort Club. Our Comfort Club gives you the satisfaction of knowing your systems is always up to date and reliably maintained by certified professionals. As a Preferred Customer, your service orders will get priority status and you will receive a 15% discount off repairs for your air conditioning and plumbing service (discounts do not apply to a new system purchase). To join the Forrest Anderson Comfort Club click here:

Here is Your Autumn AC Checklist

Clean or Keep Your Vents Clean

Dust and debris can build up in your HVAC unit during the summer. Dry skin, shedding from your summer sunburns, or a home project can bring in a large amounts of debris that can reek havoc on your home's AC system. When the fall season has settled in, it's important to check all your HVAC vents for any dust or debris. This type of HVAC maintenance is important since even 1/100th of an inch of dust buildup on your coil and blower motor can equal up to 10 percent loss of efficiency! This results in higher utility costs that you don't want hanging over your head as the holiday season approaches.

Clean Your Outdoor Unit

Make sure you to inspect your AC unit for any leaves or debris that may have been blown around during one of the Valleys weather haboobs. The dust, sticks and leaves can have a hazardous effect on your HVAC unit. This debris can get lodged in your outdoor unit, where it may become a possible fire hazard or prevent the unit from working properly. Keeping your outdoor unit free of debris will almost certainly save you repair costs in the long run.

Check Your Thermostat

Have you checked your thermostat yet? You need to! Testing your thermostat is a great way to make sure that your HVAC unit is not being overworked. If your thermostat responds correctly and displays an accurate temperature reading, then it is functioning properly. If you have a programmable thermostat, your fall maintenance is a good time to check the settings of your programmed thermostat to ensure they are correct for the constant change in up and down temperatures that Fall in Arizona is well known for.

Prevent Future Clogging In The Condensate Drain Line

A clog in the condensate drain line can be particularly bad for your heating and cooling system. If you know how to access your condensate drain line, you can pour a solution of bleach and water through the line to help prevent clogs from forming. If you are concerned that you may already have a blockage in the condensate drain line, contact Forrest Anderson for a service appointment. Again, regular professional maintenance will usually prevent these drains from clogging.

Schedule Maintenance

HVAC maintenance can be a huge money and time saver during the fall season, but having a certified HVAC professional from Forrest Anderson do a thorough inspection of your unit can address issues that you may have missed. This simple maintenance check can help keep your energy costs low and your repairs few and far between.

A Name That Has Been Trusted for Generations

Old friends still are trusted best. - John Webster

For almost 60 years, Forrest Anderson has been a trusted name in HVAC (heating, ventilation & air conditioning) solutions. We are committed to superior service and affordable pricing for our Phoenix-area friends and families because we live here, too.

We are here to make sure your home is ready for the fall and winter seasons.

Contact us today to set an appointment!

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