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Avoid these 5 outdoor plumbing issues

Outdoor plumbing? No, it’s not your great-grandfather’s “outhouse.” Whether you live within the city or in a rural setting, plumbing issues outside your house can be just as big a problem as those within the walls of your home.

‘Older Arizona Water Issues’

“After a historic drought,” says the Phoenix News Times in April 2019. Arizona residents are once again dealing with water issues common to our state. Basically, Phoenix communities are sitting in the desert but wanting water services similar to their wetter neighboring states’. Some of the problems are:

  • Environmentalists say we aren’t conserving water as we should and need a more sustainable plan. “It’s a touchy subject,” and residents are avoiding the discussion itself which delays developing a conservation plan.

  • If we resort to underground/stored Salt and Verde River water, it could be contaminated with nitrate and arsenic.

  • We are pumping water out of aquifers faster than nature is replenishing them.

  • We aren’t prepared for the “significant fluctuations” of available Colorado River water.

This is why any Arizona indoor or outdoor plumbing issue needs greater attention. We can’t afford to lose precious water to leaks and breakages. Water conservation has to begin with you.

Outdoor Plumbing Problems in Arizona

In the Phoenix area, we have subsurface and surface water-related challenges specific to living in Arizona. For example, Arizona water is beyond “hard;” it has enough dissolved minerals – including high levels of calcium and magnesium – to cause serious indoor and outdoor plumbing issues. It’s not dangerous to drink, but the taste is too harsh for many people.

Here are 5 outdoor plumbing issues you may face and steps to take:

  1. Frozen faucets – It doesn’t happen often but if you’ve never experienced a winter freeze in Phoenix, it can catch you by surprise. If your pipes freeze, they can be dangerous. Always keep your plumber’s emergency number handy for 24/7 response to a burst pipe.

  2. Hose bibb – When your outside spigot barely streams water or sprays in every direction, you may have a broken hose bibb. First, check your hose. Maybe it’s not connected well or needs a new washer. If that’s not the problem, you may need a hose bibb repair/replacement. We recommend that most homeowners call their plumber.

  3. Sewer block – Sewer pipes are connected to all sinks and toilets in your house, so if there’s an outdoor plumbing problem with your sewer lines, you may soon have a serious indoor plumbing issue. If you hear drain(s) gurgling and the sound is definitely further down in the line, that’s an indicator you may have a blocked sewer. Backed-up/clogged wastewater can cause health problems, so don’t delay. To find the cause and its fix, call your Forrest Anderson Plumbing & Air Conditioning as soon as possible.

  4. Sprinklers – Sprinklers are high maintenance and easily damaged, but many Arizona homeowners think they’re worth it. Don’t blow off a small sprinkler leak; it can indicate a much bigger outdoor plumbing issue. A sprinkler leak can waste hundreds of gallons of water if you delay the repair.

  5. Swimming pool – Water “pooling” or collecting outside your pool can be a small plumbing glitch or an expensive structural problem with the pool itself. Call your plumber as soon as you notice to avoid additional damage.

Don’t Push-Back Outdoor Plumbing Issues

Homeowners typically act fast to resolve indoor plumbing problems but tend to delay resolving outdoor issues. There’s nothing more discouraging than hearing your plumber say, “If you’d called sooner…”

Contact Forrest Anderson Today!

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