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Avoid the Pain, Don't Put This Down the Drain

We have all been there. You're hovering over the kitchen sink exhausted from the day of work. All that is left to do now is to throw that waste in your hand down the drain to call it a day. You dump it down the disposal only to wake up to a clogged drain and more problems in the days to come.

What we fail to realize at times is that just like us, these machines have limits too.

Failure to adequately take care of your drainage system can lead to clogs, backed up drains, and other malfunctions. It is important to know what can and what cannot go down our kitchen and bathroom drains.

Here is a quick quiz to test your knowledge:

Is it ok to drop coffee grounds down that kitchen sink?

🀆 Yes? 🀆 No?

Ding! Ding! Ding! If you said no, you are correct! Coffee grounds don't dissolve in water, instead they clump together which can cause a big build up in the drain.

Is it ok to pour your leftover tea down the kitchen sink?

🀆 Yes? 🀆 No?

Marked Yes? You are right! For most cases if you can drink it, it is safe to poor down the pipe. Tea, Milk, Coffee (no grounds) are all safe.

Is it ok to put your broken eggshells down the pipe?

🀆 Yes? 🀆 No?

Many make the argument that eggshells could help 'sharpen' the "blades" of the garbage disposal. This is... incorrect! It is smart to dispose of eggshells any way besides down the drain. Eggshells have the ability to stick to the drain and catch other waste being disposed to create blockages in the drain. They also can be grounded into a sand like texture from the garbage disposal which can cause a stoppage that you really do not have the time in the day for.

Is it safe to put things such as napkins, paper towels, and cotton swabs down the drain?

🀆 Yes? 🀆 No?

No! Toilet paper is typically designed to dissolve when introduced to water which allows it to be flushed. Other paper items don't have this same attribute. Smarter option would be to dispose it another way.

Is it safe to put that leftover bacon grease down the kitchen sink?

🀆 Yes? 🀆 No?

No, just no. All mother's everywhere have been attempting to get their children to understand this question. Fats, oil, and grease after cooking begin to harden as they cool. Pouring this down the drain can create a nightmare as a homeowner. Not only can it cause massive clogs in your piping infrastructure but can affect your community drinking water as those substances are being integrated into the public sewer systems.

Accidentally placed any of these substances down the drain recently? No worries, Contact Forrest Anderson today to restore your drain system to its optimal functioning ability.

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